06/08/18 10:04AM
the surface of mahogany furniture
Second, hot wax waxing wax technology is China's Ming-style furniture for wood surface treatment of a decorative method, not only can show a good wood texture, but also in the wood surface to form a protective film to prevent the external environment on the wood The adverse effects.
The hot waxing technology was first applied to the surface of bronzes. According to the “Commonwealth of the Shang and Zhou Dynasties” records, the former excavation device was polished, the luster was shiny, and the external application of wax allowed the bronze ware to withstand thousands of years without rot and was well protected. effect.
Later, this craft was used by thoughtful craftsmen and applied to small pieces of root carvings. With the gradual maturity of the technology, it was then developed and applied to the surface of mahogany furniture, the surface of Ming-style furniture.
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