06/08/18 01:02PM
furniture industry has indeed
directly leading to Vietnam's furniture export industry also maintained in recent years. Strong growth momentum. It is reported that in 2013 Vietnam's wood product exports reached US$5.7 billion, ranking sixth in the world and second in Asia, with exports to the United States growing by more than 20%.
Zhu Changling, the furniture industry entering the shift period, said that the argument that furniture exports are facing an inflection point is appalling, but the furniture industry has indeed entered the low-to-middle development stage from the high-speed development stage.
It should be said that the furniture industry has entered the shift period. During the ten years from 2001 to 2010, the growth rate of the furniture industry remained at around 30%, and the industry developed rapidly. Since 2006, China has surpassed Italy and has become the world’s first exporter.
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