06/12/18 11:43AM
investigations of large-scale imported furniture
they also need to pay a certain service fee. Non-imported furniture impersonation methods diverse Import & ne; Origin A senior person who once engaged in imported furniture agents told reporters that some imported brands choose to use domestic OEM production,
so the cost will drop a lot. However, in order to earn more money, dealers tend to conceal this point, and still price it by the standard of pure import, which leads to the high price of some domestically-imported furniture. For example, a well-known imported cabinet brand in Suzhou opened a foundry factory in Qingdao.
In 2011, Da Vinci, the famous imported home furnishing brand at the time, had exposed the news of the country of origin fraud. It was a moment when the country was stunned, causing the entire imported home industry to suffer a loss of credibility.
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