06/13/18 02:05PM
upgrading plan has become a hundred-day reform
How are the results? It is not a good idea to learn to listen. It is that the understanding of one’s comprehension is not comprehensive and the implementation is not in place. In addition, the company’s old team has taken a break from it, and the boss’s transformation and upgrading plan has become a hundred-day reform, and it has finally ended.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you think about my situation, if you think I'm going to do a good job, please believe that in the paint industry, there are indeed some people who have been thinking about these phenomena for a long time, discussed for a long time, and they have indeed found a solution, why not?
Listen to their advice? Thousands of sails on the side of the sinking boat and Wan Muchun ahead of the diseased trees. Where does your company go from here? Think of the phrase that Buddhists often say: In times of enlightenment, beings are Buddhas.
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