06/14/18 02:44AM
industries including the flooring industry
In fact, as early as August 17, the Beijing Office of Air Pollution Rehabilitation Headquarters issued the first heavy pollution warning signal in the second half of the year, and the warning signal skipped the blue level IV. Immediately from the yellow three-level warning, the alarm bell once again rang out over the capital.
Due to environmental pollution, all industries including the flooring industry have once again set off an environmental storm. Even the paint industry, which was often spared, was shot this time. It is well-known that paint companies have been producing and processing far away from the suburbs of the residential areas.
The pungent wastes, toxic wastes, and waste water generated during the production process have little impact on the normal life of residents. However, this situation has been expanded by urban construction and urbanization. break in. All kinds of factories went to the countryside,
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