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develop real opportunities for sales
Therefore, you have been reviewed as a trustworthy person and you are not wasting their time. How to save time: Because customers trust you, it's easier to get the information you need to confirm that leads are valuable. Therefore, you end up saving time for false opportunities, and there is more time to develop real opportunities for sales.
Warning: Only ask your customers for referrals; when you close a transaction (or worse, you do not end it), it is a dead end. If the other party is not 100% trusting you, why should he tie his career and reputation with you? Fine-tuning five: Optimize your meeting schedule Key terms:
Your meeting schedule You will be a collection of meeting times on a certain day, week, or month. What do you do: Calculate the best number of sales calls or conferences you can complete in a day and set the appropriate schedule. For example, if you find that a normal sales call usually takes half a day,
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