06/17/18 08:50AM
time and create a timeless classic
The texture of the wood rings is clear and wavy. The texture is light brown. European white oak wood is heavier, very sturdy, and has strong strength, strong pressure resistance and impact resistance, and is not easy to absorb water. It is a superior raw material for flooring.
Advantages of white oak flooring: abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, pressure resistance, clear texture, light woody fragrance. Here, the Chunhua Qiushi column says goodbye to everyone. Through the transformation of seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter,
from softness and weakness to solid and heavy, the rings in a circle express the passage of time and contain the true meaning of life. WorldFriends floor is willing to retain your time and create a timeless classic.Store sales, please take a look at this little story.
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