06/20/18 07:05AM
home shopping guide professional competition
Yesterday afternoon, a Xi'an furniture company exhibited at the exhibition site showed visitors a superb carving skills, two practitioners have more than 20 years of hand-carved skills, in a piece of gold about 1.5 meters long, about 1 meter wide Nanyin Driftwood carved a life-like panoramic view of Fushoulu.
There are Songhe, landscapes, incense burners, and three longevity stars. These skills have made past citizens stunned. Yesterday, the organizers also held the first most beautiful home shopping guide professional competition, 2014 Midwest furniture industry e-commerce forum and other activities.
New furniture shocked "scars" Hong Kong Hanson furniture encounter "quality door", new furniture shocked "scars" Hong Kong Hanson furniture encounter "quality door", read: Originally full of joy for new homes to buy furniture, but unexpectedly selected Hang Shun home Private furniture was shocked by "scars."
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