06/26/18 11:48AM
high-quality advanced wood paint
is a high-quality advanced wood paint. 3. Acrylic paint is a paint made of a copolymer of methacrylate and acrylate, among which there is a water white varnish and a white color white enamel. Acrylic paint film is bright, hard, with good color retention and gloss retention.
Water resistance and adhesion are good. After being polished, the paint film is smooth and mirror-like, and it can last forever. 4, matt paint is mainly based on varnish, adding a suitable amount of matting agent and auxiliary materials blended together, due to the different amount of matting agent, the film gloss is also different.
Matt gloss paint film is soft, even thin, smooth, temperature, water, acid and alkali resistant. 5, lacquer, also known as spray paint, wax grams. It is based on nitrocellulose and is made of synthetic resins, tougheners, solvents and thinners.
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