06/28/18 04:04AM
rovince near neighbour is very substantial
raise additional cost, extend industrial cable length, [url=]solid wpc decking price in finland[/url]obtain economic benefits. Heilongjiang is our country key province of state-owned forest zone. Use wood as our country capital construction, production and people life advocate produce a division, timber production and treatment industry relatively develop,
year all log process capability is close 6 million stere; Sawn timber year process capability is 4 million stere. But since the country carry out natural forest after protecting a project,[url=]cheap price pergola kits canada[/url]reduction in production of Heilongjiang forest wood falls bigger, bring about partial lumber to machine company stop production or reduction of output,
sawn timber machines dimensions actually to slide to be controlled to 2 million stere. And the natural resources of forest of Russia far east with black province near neighbour is very substantial however, [url=]composite commercial exterior flooring[/url]this area light is quantity of maturity forest save up amounts to above of 10 billion stere,

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