06/28/18 08:45AM
small and fragmented development status
hundreds of thousands of annual sales guides. The person in charge of a furniture company can not help but question that our province is not without market demand, and it is also not lacking in labor. Why the enterprises in the Guizhou region are still out of small and fragmented development status,
the dealers in Guizhou have achieved an annual turnover of 20 million, It is already a leader in the industry. It is really difficult for furniture companies to find suitable talents. Establish a talent cultivation mechanism to help industry take-off reporters to interview Guizhou Southwestern International Home Decoration Expo City,
Guizhou Nature Technology Co., Ltd., Guizhou Orr When Dengdeng Home Co., Ltd. and Guizhou Jiahejia Decoration Furniture Co., Ltd. and other companies learned that in our province, whether it is a furniture manufacturing company or a distribution company,
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