06/29/18 03:59AM
markets on building materials market
she discovers the wooden floor pesticide that markets on building materials market at present, it is the product that does not accord with sale standard almost. [url=]Asion new wpc material decking fence panels[/url]Reporter immediately interviewed place of Beijing pesticide calibrating, introduce according to Sun Guojiang of this calibrating controller,
place of Haidian area plant protection is right the wooden floor of market of 6 building materials is insect-resistant the agent undertook selectiving examination, [url=]waterproofing second story flooring[/url]in the manufacturer of floor of 50 when selectiving examination management wood, discovery always sells the firm of real wood floor,
manage for the most part without pesticide the insecticide of 3 card. In the market current main in 9 kinds of insecticide, having a kind of insecticide is to accord with pesticide the product of 3 card standard. [url=]advantage of wood decking[/url] General insecticide puts in the market to should have executive standard,

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