06/29/18 11:22AM
Finishing Classification Panel furniture
the performance of the blockboard is affected by the material of the core board; the material of the chipboard is loose, and it is only used for middle and low-grade furniture; the medium-density board has the lowest cost-effectiveness and the most moisture-proof is the most easily deformed.
When consumers purchase panel furniture, they need to select the appropriate performance of the panel product against their own needs. Panel Furniture Finishing Classification Panel furniture Common decorative materials include melamine finishes, solid wood finishes, cat's eye paper finishes, and fire board finishes.
1. The melamine facing melamine finishes are printed on the surface of the decorative paper, then impregnated with melamine adhesive, made into melamine decorative paper, and then hot pressed on the sheet substrate; Its surface texture has strong sense of reality, wear resistance, scratch resistance, good waterproofness, and is suitable for production.
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