07/02/18 03:38AM
times very consummate hundredfold of normal
Conventional wooden furniture, be used advocate material is splint, big core board. The problem is here, of the CCTV " scientific investigation " have a story: The big core of on the market 80 % board formaldehyde content exceeds bid badly, [url=]veranda deck discount in peru[/url] plus many in the process that make use glue and paint, its pollution degree is more serious.
Shenzhen city sanitation and antiepideic station is radiative and wholesome defend the division in examining discovery to numerous family, indoor and toxic chemical element exceeds mark rate to be as high as 80 % - 90 % , [url=]how much does it cost to replace a wooden balcony[/url]endanger serious formaldehyde to exceed mark rate to be as high as 98 % above to human body among them, and great majority exceeds a few times very consummate hundredfold of normal level.
Formaldehyde exceeds the harm that mark causes to people to be able to be found everywhere, what will execute on July 1 is mandatory national level is a child that take the interests of the whole into account, how to take care of more " fragile " life? [url=]4 composite flooring sheet[/url] Lv Zhichao shows general manager of company of timber of environmental protection of Shenzhen city old craftsman,

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