07/04/18 03:21AM
china is annual lumber consumption gross
Current, china is annual lumber consumption gross amounts to 1 . 700 million stere, and home can offer 1 only.[url=]acrylic fence panels[/url]200 million stere, contradiction of supply and demand is very outstanding. According to forecasting, after 3 years, breach of Chinese lumber supply and demand will be amounted to 6000 - 70 million stere,
and 2015, this one word will achieve 1 . 4 - 1 . 500 million stere. [url=]affordable outdoor flooring options[/url] Zhulie overcomes deputy director general of national forestry bureau to point out on the conference, property right impact of not clear, profit is uncertain wait for a problem, it is the main obstacle that restricts forestry development.
So, must highlight currently catch system of good Lin Quan to reform,[url=]boat floor composite sheet[/url] hold to principle of loaves and fishes, " who is whose afforestation, all, whose investment, who is benefited " policy falls to real point truly. He says, the core that Lin Quan reforms is namely below the premise of droit of stable forest land,

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