07/04/18 07:40AM
wood is relatively cheap
All solid wood is second to Finnish wood, and the most is the combination of wood. The combination of sheet and solid wood requires a lot of adhesive, so the amount of formaldehyde contained is high. Such furniture will have a lingering taste and will be extremely harmful to consumers, especially children.
The price of furniture combined with wood and wood is relatively cheap. For example, the price of furniture combined with wood and wood in the colorful life is 2000~4000 yuan, and the price of all solid wood furniture is about 6000 yuan. Edges and tips are an important part of structural safety testing.
Children are naturally active and easy to bump. So the edge and tip structure is safe for the ellipse. However, the structural safety problem is not limited to the edge. The home consultant of the Songbao Kingdom added that the different parts of the furniture wood are also exquisite.
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