07/05/18 07:08AM
noticed by the fake furniture
the European party first sought people to find a contractor, and the effect was good, and the talks were acquired, but they all hoped to use the European brand. Liu Heqing believes that this operation also has certain difficulty. Whether a really good company is willing to OEM,
even if it is foundry, whether it is willing to be acquired is unknown, and it is necessary to cultivate core competence to achieve cross-border expansion.The top box cabinet should be noticed by the faked furniture “painted skin”. The top box cabinet should be noticed by the fake furniture “painted skin”.
Introduction: Recently, Mr. Cao, a resident of Shijingshan, Beijing, called the “Redwood” magazine and he doubted himself. A pair of red rosewood top cabinets bought for 350,000 yuan were mixed with white rosewood. I hope that "Redwood" will help me to look at it.
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