07/05/18 09:54AM
the middle of the medieval castle
Just like the movie of Tom Cruise, Lester is a mystery. Elegant feeling. The uniquely designed metal-supported single chair, the black wrought iron frame makes it easy to think of the Gothic iron gate art of Europe. Combining the overall tone and retro shape of the sofa, it makes people feel like they are in the middle of the medieval castle.
Suitable for home consumers who want to chase exotic atmospheres and like a sense of history. The soul of the sofa is a symbol of Halloween. According to legend, in order to guide the world to the undead to guide the way to heaven, the pumpkin lantern will be on the day of Halloween.
This is an incomprehensible event in this mysterious festival. Missing soul objects. The soul of this sofa is covered in the outer layer of leather, as a leather sofa, the quality of the leather directly determines the grade of the sofa. This sofa is made entirely of leather and is superior to imitation leather in terms of comfort,
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