07/05/18 11:25AM
entrance lumber to increase considerably
Guangxi loose log is most popular, the price rises 669 yuan compared to the same period,[url=]Fireproof composite deck storage box[/url] every stere buyer bids 550 yuan, goods arrives namely empty, and the price still is in climb litre. Gross of resource of our country lumber resides the world the 5th, but average per capita discharges many 120.
Average per capita consumed 0.14 stere 1991, grew 0.19 stere 2001, growth of consumption of average per capita is rapid, but still under world average per capita 0.26 stere / year, [url=]veranda wood post sleeve mount[/url]estimation will achieve international after 10 years average level. At the appointed time year lumber consumption will be in 350 million stere, breach amounts to left and right sides of 150 million stere.
Domestic timber is supplied in short supply, [url=]cost to maintain wood deck[/url]bring about entrance lumber to increase considerably, the entrance replaces effect already peep clue. From this year the data of statistic of 1-7 month custom makes clear, entrance log forteen million one hundred and seventy-five thousand five hundred stere, sawn timber 301.

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