07/09/18 02:07AM
the formaldehyde content of plates
Even some corporate plates are not up to standard, in order to reduce costs, buy inferior plates. It is understood that environmentally-friendly plates have low formaldehyde content but high cost. Compared with inferior plates, the difference between each piece ranges from 60,100 yuan.
However, even the use of green building materials can not guarantee the elimination of formaldehyde exceeding the standard. Although the company has the certification standard for the plate, if the inspection is not strict in the production process, it cannot guarantee that it is environmentally friendly.
The formaldehyde content of furniture exceeds the standard, which is mainly produced during the processing. Xu Guanrong reminded consumers that in addition to the formaldehyde content of plates, glues and paints, the formaldehyde content of furniture will exceed the standard.
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