07/10/18 08:22AM
repeated negotiations with the merchants
It was a good time to dry up and refused her request. This bed is bought for more than 7,000 yuan. Up to now, 9 months have passed, and I can't use it in one day. Is it that the furniture is obviously tasteful and can't be the reason for defending rights?
Ms. Yu said incomprehensiblely. She told reporters that after the return of fruitless results, she negotiated with the merchants, trying to add 2,000 yuan to replace this solid wood bed with a better quality bed, but this request was also rejected by the merchant.
The problem is very common, because it is difficult to obtain a dispute with the merchant. It is best for you to negotiate and resolve it. It is not good for us to intervene. Ms. Qi said that in the case of repeated negotiations with the merchants,
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