07/10/18 11:08AM
customer seems to be on the furniture
Zhang Lili, a well-known brand store manager, said that in October last year, she sold nearly 900,000 yuan. In October this year, she only sold more than 300,000 yuan. It is too pessimistic. After all, gold seven days is the main growth point of sales in October. .
The environment in the home market has changed: passenger traffic is low, and it is common to enter only three or five people a day. In the eyes of the salesperson, on the one hand, the customer's willingness to purchase is not strong, and the mentality of casually looking at it is common;
on the other hand, because the home brand is close to saturation, the seller's market turns to the buyer's market, compared to a few years ago, the customer seems to be on the furniture. The style and price are more critical. The downturn in the home market is mainly due to the fluctuations in the real estate market this year,
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