07/11/18 11:36AM
stone adds extra to the product
In this way, Cornelio Cappellini combines the past with modernity. The JOINT series is a very popular collection of Cornelio Cappellini, which is characterized by geometric shapes and a simple design to create fashion. SPIDER series Ogni idea nasce da un`altra idea Every idea is born from another idea.
Cornelio Cappellini SPIDER series is inspired by the glass of hand-blown glass from Murano. Murano is a small island in Venice that has been known for blowing glass for 500 years. In order to better create this collection, Cornelio Cappellini studied the craftsmanship that had been lost and was built by the most skilled craftsmen on Murano Island.
This Murano glass element is used in chandeliers, porches, dining tables, coffee tables and corners, and uses precious marble as a countertop, such as Caracott marble or TRAVERTINO marble, and extravagant stone adds extra to the product. Texture and taste.
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