08/02/18 11:09AM
The demand for secondary home buyers
Since October, the new purchases such as the increase in the cancellation of the city and the loosening of the first home loan have been introduced, and many rigid demands and long-repressed two have been introduced. The demand for secondary home buyers was released.
For many wardrobe companies, the market is indeed a glimmer of warmth. However, due to the fast pace of social life, most people have limited time and energy, especially for those who have already experienced first-time home buyers, but also hope to reduce the time and energy investment in the decoration.
As a result, hardcover rooms have become their preferred product, and this has led to the wardrobe market not showing a significant warming as expected. In addition, on October 11, the Chongqing Municipal Local Taxation Bureau officially issued the "Notice on Deduction of the Decoration Cost of Finished.
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