08/03/18 06:11AM
told reporters that furniture is arranged
they purchased wants to make the bedroom an independent kingdom that suits their taste and personality, and will rent some fashionable furniture. Moreover, some people who work in Nanjing and some relocated households often rent some furniture.
Temporary transition. How can renting furniture be expensive for whole rent, zero rent and annual rent? Miss Wang, the person in charge of Nanjing Yimi Furniture Leasing Company, told reporters that furniture is arranged according to the size of 100 square meters three bedrooms and two living rooms.
Double bed 1000 yuan / year, single bed 800 yuan / year, dining table and chair 1 + 6 combination 560 yuan / year, living room sofa coffee table 5 sets 1500 yuan / year, package price a total of 390 0 yuan / year, excluding freight and upstairs fees, annual rent of more than 8,000 yuan or less than 5 kilometers, no freight.
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