08/06/18 02:00AM
the light is at a balanced angle
you must put some energy into reminding yourself to keep sitting, correct your bad habits, keep your spine straight, and feel a bit of a sling! Do you dare to challenge such a chair? Let's take a look at this light, inspired by weighing scales and enamel.
This light is controlled by the mercury switch and will only illuminate when the light is at a balanced angle. After turning the entire part of the lamp parallel to the bottom surface, move the left and right ends of the lamp to the left and right to maintain the balance of the lamp.
If you want to keep this light on, you must keep the light balanced. Turning on a light can also make you spend a lot of thought. The last part of the Inactivité series of homes is the racks nailed to the wall, inspired by rock climbing on the climbing wall.
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