08/07/18 05:57AM
the perspective of contemporary mahogany furniture
From the perspective of contemporary mahogany furniture as a whole, there are five major problems, referred to as five diseases: one, cumbersome. Contrary to simplicity and simplicity, some mahogany furniture reuses wood pieces, making the original ethereal shape become bloated.
Some mahogany furniture carvings are also unorganized and unorganized, making people not appreciate the fun. Second, the loss. The decoration of a piece of mahogany furniture or a certain kind of mahogany furniture, which part of which piece of furniture appears and how it appears is regularly ruled.
If used properly and in line with the rules, it looks comfortable. If it is used in an inappropriate place and violates the law, it looks awkward. Third, the size is wrong. The size of mahogany furniture is very important, too long, too short, too thick, too thin to look awkward.
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