08/15/18 04:07AM
the price of poplar rose slightly
A few days ago, I learned from the freight yard of Suifenhe Railway South Station that the amount of logs shipped in the past week was basically the same as last week. Quliu and eucalyptus have increased in price and the price is stable.
The prices of white birch, white pine and larch generally rose, and the price of poplar rose slightly. The reporter learned from the sales person in charge of an economic and trade enterprise in Suifenhe City that after the overall decline in timber prices for more than half a month, white birch, white pine and larch continued to rise.
This week, the three timbers increased by an average of 50 yuan per cubic meter. about. The price of Pinus sylvestris var. chinensis fell slightly, with a drop of about 20 yuan per cubic meter. The price of ash and eucalyptus remained at a high level, and the price of poplar rose slightly, with an increase of 30-50 yuan per cubic meter.
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