08/15/18 09:48AM
the National Standardization Technical Committee
Many brands have also in-depth research in this area. In the market, formaldehyde emission is less than 0.5mg/L or even zero formaldehyde products are emerging endlessly. Merchants and consumers pay more attention to the indoor environment after renovation, which promotes the revision and upgrading of this standard.
Expert opinion: According to Duan Xinfang, secretary general of the National Standardization Technical Committee for Wood-based Panels, this standard is in the process of revision and needs to be approved for release. Therefore, the specific revisions are not disclosed.
But what is certain is that the formaldehyde emission limit value requirement in the new standard will definitely increase. He said: According to current standards, the E2 level is the bottom line. The new standard will increase the formaldehyde release limit value, and the specific method is being discussed and agreed.
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