08/16/18 03:51AM
exhibitions placed in the marketing
The staff even said: Now we have not even returned home. It is understood that the factory has started to default on the wages of workers three or four months ago. Starting from a week ago, the boss will carry out the furniture exhibitions placed in the marketing center and transport them to other places.
Some employees Suspecting that the boss is going to run, the boss explained: Just change the furniture to another place to open a bigger factory. On November 6, the big boss ran away in the night, except for more than 40 workers. A total of nearly 630,000 yuan of work money, even the supplier's payment is frozen.
Industry thinking: successively closed several large furniture companies triggered a new round of bankruptcy in the industry, in fact, Guangdong furniture collapsed There is a prelude. In 2012, some insiders pointed out that Guangdong furniture enterprises had a bankruptcy.
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