08/17/18 06:49AM
decoration products with high grade
Home decorating solutions, this is undoubtedly a good news for Opper dealers. In fact, the listing of the new Opal copper lamps last year has already announced that Opper's product line has officially broken through the scope of hardware, which has made people look forward to Opper's new generation of copper overall home.
Sure enough, Opper further introduced this year's home accessories from copper porch to bronze mirror, bronze bell, copper telephone, copper candlestick, copper fruit plate and even copper ashtray, copper chess, etc. One-stop service for quality home accessories and ornaments.
In this regard, some dealers believe that more products mean more services can be provided. At present, there are few household decoration products with high grade and strong sense of value, and most of them are ceramics and glass materials, and Copper products are not a grade.
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