08/22/18 02:08AM
customization in the home furnishing industry
In fact, for the home industry, the word custom is no stranger, custom cabinets, custom wardrobes, kitchens, etc. all infiltrate the custom atmosphere. After entering time, the word customization has become a hot word in the home industry.
Therefore, it is said that 2014 is a year of customization in the home furnishing industry. However, as a new thing, custom homes are inevitably faced with various problems in the early stage of development, such as the inconsistent size of customized products,
the difficulty of on-site installation, and the difficulty in guaranteeing after-sales service. These problems are not well resolved, and custom homes will be stagnant and difficult to continue to develop. However, under the industry environment where the industry is not mature and the customization standards are not perfect,
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