08/24/18 01:05AM
home building materials and daily-use
the products that can only meet the needs of use have been unremarkable. The eyes of consumers are not destined to stay. New and progressive businesses are taking advantage of the trend, and they have created custom-made banners, ranging from home building materials and daily-use appliances to small jewellery and handicrafts.
Whether it is a tangible product or an intangible service, customization has covered all aspects of clothing, food, housing and travel. The trend is gone forever. Then, in the face of this customary trend of the sea, as the custom-built cabinet industry in the home building materials industry, is it the secret of the secret or the sorrow?
One is hi: the custom factor is born in the 1980s, China The concept of a whole kitchen has not yet been formed. Most of the traditional home decoration is just to build a stove with a masons, and ask the carpenter to make a cupboard. Although the concept of kitchen decoration is simple,
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