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make the indoor air quality
Wardrobe maintenance owners should try to choose plants with large leaves when purchasing. The bigger the leaves, the more obvious the moisturizing effect. In addition, try not to put too much in the bedroom, one or two small basins can be, too many plants will make the indoor air quality worse at night, affecting people's sleep and health.
In addition to placing plants, humidifiers can also be used to add humidity to the home, which can both moisturize the wardrobe and the floor, and effectively improve the home environment. When conditions permit, you can also add a little professional wardrobe care essential oils that are easily absorbed by household.
fibers to nourish the interior of the wardrobe, especially wooden wardrobes. In addition, fish can be raised, and the water vapor evaporated from the fish tank can increase the humidity in the room, adding interest to the room and achieving the effect of hydrating.
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