08/28/18 01:42AM
many of the latest intelligent products
In addition, if the weather suddenly winds and rains, the owner does not have to rush home, then the curtain will automatically close. The display of this new feature has attracted many customers to stop by. Intelligent products bring people a lot of convenience with their humanized and intelligent design.
Some well-known sanitary brands have also introduced many of the latest intelligent products, such as infrared light bath rooms, jacuzzi, infrared automatic switch faucets, etc., are being widely used. Toto Sanitary's sales manager said: Now even the average family, I hope to feel the convenience of advanced technology.
For example, in order to make the user more convenient and comfortable, we have designed a more user-friendly toilet, from water washing, warm water adjustment, seat heating, warm air drying. More and more customers are also willing to choose intelligent products.
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