08/29/18 07:17AM
system furniture and sofa bed
First, the equipment of the factory, and then the ERP system. Cai Ming: Actually, Boloni did the whole home from 2005, but did not create this category. In the past, we mistakenly chose the home improvement industry as our development path.
Why is it the wrong choice? Because we have been in Beijing for three years. The first place in the middle row, I feel very good, and later found that home improvement is a very complicated matter. Home improvement is still very good, Beijing can pass 800 million, but the difficulty is how you can make every city do a good job.
This is a difficult thing to do with home improvement. In 2005, we started to make the whole kitchen. The whole bathroom, inner door, strong board system, system furniture and sofa bed all have been entangled in strategy. This idea is very clear, where is the difficulty?
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