08/30/18 02:18AM
enjoy high quality furniture
100% German quality truly guarantees that Chinese people enjoy high quality furniture. Rishun Service: The whole process of worry-free value-added service experience In the distribution service, with the help of Rishun's open platform leading large-scale merchandise distribution and service capabilities,
Avanti is the first in the industry to promise delivery, overdue Compensation services, whether it is door-to-door installation or customized furniture warehouse, Avanti can provide the best service experience according to user needs. At the same time, with the advantage of the last mile of Rishun Logistics,
the Avanti brand truly realized the synchronization of delivery. It not only saves time for consumers, but also eliminates the industry's so-called miscellaneous fees for building fees, installation fees, etc., and allows consumers to truly enjoy the worry-free value-added service experience in one step.
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