09/05/18 01:34AM
the sliding door of the wardrobe
You should select the color of the whole wardrobe and the sliding door of the wardrobe in advance. Style, door color and decoration of the choice of floor, bed frame, curtains, walls, ceilings and other household items color and style.
When designing the position of the whole wardrobe, it is necessary to consider the layout of the room wires, network cables, etc., especially some of the TV cabinets need to be placed inside the wardrobe, while paying attention to the position of the switch socket, the ceiling, the hanging position of the air conditioner,
the bedroom The size of the passage, the wrapping of the beams and the pillars, etc., should be considered in the design of the wardrobe. 2, look at the custom-made overall wardrobe sheet I. Whether the board is environmentally friendly, the main body of the whole wardrobe,
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