09/05/18 06:09AM
waterproof and environmentally friendly adhesive
The particleboard has strong bending resistance and nail holding power, and it is more environmentally friendly. It is the most mainstream cabinet plate at the moment. The moisture-proof board is similar to the particle board process except that the adhesive is changed to a green waterproof and environmentally friendly adhesive.
This type of plate, also known as melamine board, overcomes the shortcomings of particle board and has good water resistance, which is more common in cabinets. In addition to these three most popular artificial boards, in order to pursue more high-end enjoyment, some imported products will use solid wood multi-layer boards.
The structure of multi-layer solid wood not only retains the original taste of wood, but also reduces the swelling and cooling of wood. Deformation caused by shrinkage, moisture, etc. For families that are concerned about the waterproof, moisture-proof and sealed cabinets, there is also the option of stainless steel sheets on the market.
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