09/07/18 07:55AM
the simple pigment and auxiliary materials
If there is no film-forming substance, the simple pigment and auxiliary materials cannot form a paint film. Secondary film-forming materials: including various pigments, extender pigments, and anti-rust pigments. Pigments provide color and hiding power to the paint film,
improve the protective properties and decorative effects of the paint, and the weather-resistant pigments can improve the service life of the paint. The body pigment can increase the thickness of the paint film, and utilize its own sheet-like and needle-like structure to form a fish scale-like paint film by stacking the pigments,
thereby improving the service life of the paint film and improving the waterproofness and rust prevention effect. The anti-rust pigment prevents the surface of the object from being corroded by the atmosphere and chemical substances through its physical and chemical anti-rust action, and the metal surface is rusted.
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