09/07/18 10:12AM
half of conventional coating cost
PU surface: the most promising technology, high efficiency, excellent product quality 5, PU bottom, W surface: a certain fullness, strong Common environmental protection methods: 1, spraying (hand spray, computer spraying) 2, primer roller coating (not commonly used).
3, shower coating (bottom, surface) UV curing coating (UV) advantages: 1, At present, one of the most environmentally friendly paint types 2, high solid content 3, good hardness, high transparency 4, excellent yellowing resistance 5, long activation period 6, high efficiency,
low coating cost (normal is half of conventional coating cost) It is dozens of times the efficiency of conventional coating. Its shortcomings: 1. It requires a large investment in equipment. 2. It must have a sufficient amount of supply to meet its production needs.
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