09/10/18 02:44AM
wood flooring and wood-based panels
A total of 177 batches of samples were randomly selected and 108 batches of unqualified commodities were exposed. This sampling of wood-based panels includes artificial wood flooring and wood-based panels, including laminate flooring, blockboard,
impregnated paper-finished wood-based panels, plywood, medium-density fibers, and finger-joined materials (non-structural). The indicators such as the mark, size, wear resistance, static bending strength and formaldehyde of the artificial board are tested.
A total of 154 households in the circulation business areas of Zunyi City, Bijie City, Liupanshui City, Tongren City, Anshun City, Southeastern Guizhou, Southwest Guizhou and Qiannan Prefecture were randomly sampled, and the sellers were involved.
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