09/10/18 05:08AM
the entire collision process
the main reason for not using the child safety seat is not that the price is expensive, but that the child is unwilling to sit and disassemble too much trouble. At the Shanghai Motor Vehicle Testing Center, a frontal crash test at a simulated speed of 50 km per hour was accompanied by a huge sound,
and a trolley tied to a child safety seat was bounced about 5 meters in the test driveway. The high-speed camera captures the entire collision process: in a fraction of a second, the safety seat and the child's doll inside rushed forward to the front,
then fell on the back. If you don't use a safe seat, even if you are a child, you will fly out. Yu Feng, deputy director of the Automotive Passive Safety Research Institute of the Shanghai Motor Vehicle Testing Center, said. It is understood that Shanghai,
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