09/11/18 02:37AM
the concept of life-saving life
Bringing the crib to home for free is just the first step in the launch of Bian’s baby. The Beian Life Children's Furniture Alliance will set the December 20th of each year as the baby of Bei'an, and insist on sending out 10,000 baby cots worth more than 10 million each year to the parents of newborn babies.
The healthy growth of newborn babies creates a warm environment, thus practicing the concept of life-saving life from the birth of a new life. To this end, the Bianan Children's Furniture Alliance will build a small home that will feel more comfortable for the baby in the future.
In the future, the baby will be established in the country through the baby's love and communication platform to provide various types of parenting exchanges for the families. Care for professional information, build interactive community, outdoor parent-child activities, free family photo and other family love activities.
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