09/11/18 09:11AM
the international whole wood market
It has won the favor of customers from Canada, Germany and Slovenia. The recognition of many foreign customers reflects the international market's attention to the whole wood home improvement products, and is also a strong proof of the top quality and quality service of Wanshida Wood.
The person in charge of Wanshida Wood Industry admitted that Wanshida Wood has extensive brand influence in China. Participating in the Canton Fair is only the first step for Wanshida to establish an international brand image. With the adjustment of the company's strategic planning,
Wanshida will carry out a series of activities on the line and offline, and gradually establish the brand position of Wanshida in the international whole wood market. At the Canton Fair, the close contact between Wanshida Wood and international merchants is a cultural concept that is compatible and inclusive,
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