09/12/18 01:44AM
concentrated on the high-end market
The same is true for the wooden door industry. High-end, not only luxury, but also unique, strong emotional color, is the personal taste and style. The brand is synonymous with product quality and service assurance. As a world brand with a brand value of nearly 10 billion,
Shiyou has resolutely stepped into the wood door field and concentrated on the high-end market for many years, and explored its unique development path. Shiyou Mumen has always adhered to its own brand concept, insisting on the unification of brand identity and terminal image,
and the distinctive corporate LOGO richly and accurately interprets the core values ​​and concepts. On the road of promoting the brand, we constantly combine our own brand concept to carry out personalized marketing, and carry out propaganda and promotion in major media such as TV, magazines, outdoor billboards, portals, etc.
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