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the motor nerve and the heart system
but it has a depressing effect on the motor nerve and the heart system, so patients with heart disease should be careful with purple bedspreads. Pink bedspread autism, mental depression is suitable for angry people to watch pink, the mood will quickly calm down, because pink can make people's adrenal hormone secretion less,
so that the mood tends to stabilize. Autism, mental depression, may choose pink bedspreads. In addition to the factors of these colors, it is also necessary to consider: in spring and summer, the temperature is relatively high, the color of the bedspread should be fresh and elegant, and the texture should be thinner.
The temperature in autumn and winter is cold and the weather is cold. The color of the bed cover should be warmer, and a thicker fabric should be chosen on the texture. Home Feng Shui: The layout and decoration of the living room that God of Wealth loves most.
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