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surface physical and chemical properties
The unqualified items involved woodworking requirements, surface physical and chemical properties (paint film), mechanics. Performance, formaldehyde emission and heavy metal content. Among them, the nominal trademark is a bedside table of Bosen (the nominal manufacturer is Shenzhen Baisen Household Products Co., Ltd.,
the specification model is B16113, the production date and the batch number is 2014.04/WX2014041801). The surface physical and chemical properties (paint film) are resistant to cigarette burning. The burning project was unqualified. Mechanical properties and formaldehyde release into severely affected areas.
In the spot inspection of the Beijing Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, there were 16 batches of unqualified 27 batches of furniture products with mechanical properties, accounting for 59.2% of the unqualified products. Among them, the nominal trademarks of Jingquan, Century Huawei, Zhengxin Weiye,
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