10/29/18 07:28AM
wood floor to be able
show aggrandizement wood floor to be able to keep abreast of with real wood floor, have replacing tendency greatly even, its sale limelight is being filled, look according to [url=]waterproof composite roof decking[/url] coming with the statistical data 2001 2000, sale of real wood floor is respectively 4000 with 58 million square metre, and aggrandizement wood floor is 6000 with 88 million square metre. From absolute value and growth range (former for 45% , latter horse 47% ) quite,

the sale limelight of aggrandizement wood floor is more and more fill. Aggrandizement wood floor has better market prospect, its are main the element has: Europe of traceable of floor [url=]build a small garden fence[/url] of ① aggrandizement wood, its are main material comes from artificial and crash forest, economy used lumber resource efficiently. Exit product obtains environmental mark attestation. This accorded with the idea of green environmental protection of current customer. Floor of ② aggrandizement wood maintains caustic of beautiful elegance, wear-resisting, easily, installation is handy.

Sort of floor of ③ aggrandizement wood is much; Like strip model, square model, spell pattern to wait, and breed is in escalate, the room that makes consumer chooses to the price [url=]wood plastic composite material uses on highway construction[/url] is big also. The reason on put together, aggrandizement wood floor has tendency of old of Ju Long head in wooden floor. Is forestry of state ownership of Hunan Province blame ecbolic one batch forest boss : ? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row?

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