10/30/18 06:59AM
Russia sign a forest
eilongjiang province and Russia sign a forest to cut about the respect project 25, contract amount 75 million dollar; Expedite to Russia in square service personnel 4800 person-time, [url=]floor decking balcony[/url] pick cutting capable person 50 more than stere, 300 thousand stere of carry back home; 18 million dollar invests in Russia, establish lumber to process a business 8, treatment lumber is close 200 thousand stere. Since this year, h

eilongjiang province government increased concerned policy to give aid to strength, made those who carry out a country to concern policy of pair of collaboration of Russian classics [url=]exterior faux wood panels canada[/url] trade carry out an opinion, the country give aid to urge policy farther incorporate, came on stage " Heilongjiang province foreign trade develops fund management idea " , " railroad of goods of import of blame railroad [url=]buy indoor fence in singapore[/url] port carries a

dministrative idea " wait for a series of giving aid to policy. Heilongjiang saves preliminary already protocol long-term to joint development of Russian forest natural resources program. Specific target is, implementation cuts this year Russia lumber 600 thousand stere, churchyard is in Russia machines lumber 300 [url=]deck material comparison[/url] thousand stere; Cut next year 1 million stere, machine 500 thousand stere; Cut 2004 2 million s

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